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Fall 2019 registration deadline is Friday, August 23, 2019

- Drama Kids International provides remarkable creative drama education for children and young adults. This unique, fun and creative program helps to build your child’s acting skills, creative thinking, communication skills, confidence, leadership abilities, and self-esteem. Our highly qualified and specially trained teachers bring new lessons and imaginative learning experiences each week, so that all students participate fully using a wide variety of dramatic activities.  Register online (K-5th) 2:30-3:30.  

BRAINYBYTES - JR ENGINEERING - A ONE-OF-A-KIND COURSE offering the best of two worlds... BRICKS and CODE! Introduce your child to STEM and programming with the LEGO WeDo 2.0 system. Using Bluetooth technology, we can wirelessly program our bots to complete amazing challenges in engineering and coding. Each week will bring a new adventure in STEM, this is the perfect course to encourage continued learning exploring engineering, simple machines, and technology. Mondays (K-2nd) 2:30–3:30. 

BRAINY BYTES – EXPLORING PROGRAMING THROUGH DRONES - Why just play with drones when you can program them?! In the air or on the ground, you program and maneuver these drones through weekly challenges. Can you team conquer the maze, program the mission coordinates or win the race? This class focuses on problem solving and collaboration while introducing programming skills. Mondays (3rd-5th) 3:45–4:45. 

SUPER SLEUTHS  Get out your magnifying glasses and detective hat as we have clues to decipher and crimes to solve. We’ll put our critical thinking skills and STEM knowledge to the test and get to the bottom of mysteries by learning the tricks real investigators use to solve cases. While experimenting with simple detection techniques, your reasoning skills will grow, and your problem-solving skills will become better than CSI agents.  Registration Linkhttps://bullard-supersleuths-fall2019.eventbrite.comRegistration closes 8/20/19.  Mondays (2nd-5th) 2:30-3:30.  Dates: 8/26/19- 12/9/19 – 12 weeks No class on 9/2, 9/23, 10/14 & 11/25

KID’S TECH - If you’ve ever wanted to 3D print your own designs, pilot a Parrot drone, or build apps!  Get curious and dream brighter with Tech Class.  Mondays (K-5th) 2:30-3:30.

CHATTY CHICOS SPANISH- Hola! Chatty Chicos Spanish is a class that integrates DRAMA! (skits and plays) ART! (crafts and drawing) MUSIC! (singing and listening to songs) MOVEMENT! (games such as scavenger hunts, vocabulary tag and acting out action verbs) GEOGRAPHY! SPANISH CULTURES! (learning about a new Spanish speaking country every week) and FUN!!...

ALL WHILE LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE!  Learning Spanish can improve your child’s overall school performance and give them a competitive edge when entering the workforce. Children who have foreign language instruction often have superior problem-solving skills and score statistically higher on standardized tests such as the SAT, particularly on the verbal section of the test.   Learning Spanish can also make acquiring the next foreign language easier. Broaden your child's horizons and enroll them at www.chattychicosspanish.comTuesdays Beginner Spanish 2:30-3:30 Intermediate Spanish (previous Spanish or 4th and 5th graders) 3:40-4:40 pm.

GUITAR CLUB - It’s time to rock with Guitar Club! Guitar Club gives students in 2nd-5th grade the chance to get their hands on a ‘real’ guitar and play exciting music with their friends! Our experienced and encouraging teachers do a great job with both beginning and advanced students, so no experience is necessary to have fun in our class. Each session ends with an exciting Class Recital for family and friends! Learn more at  Register on-line at  Tuesdays (2nd -5th) 2:30–3:30.

KIDZKEYS - KidzKeys uses color and tons of FUN to introduce students in K-2nd grade to the joy of playing the piano. Using the colorful Chroma-Notes™ system and Kodaly rhythm syllables, students quickly learn to read musical notation while they play familiar songs they will love to practice in class and at home. Our experienced teachers do a great job with both beginners and little Mozarts, so no experience is needed to have fun in our class! Each session ends with an exciting Class Recital for family and friends! Learn more at  Register at (K-2nd) 2:30–3:30.

DJ IBII – As an ibii hip hop producer, each child will utilize the Drum Pad Machine soundboard to mix loops and learn the basics of music production. Working together on teams, students will also write their own lyrics and record their own instrumentals! Cost for this club is $210 for 14 weeks. Visit: (click on after school clubs on menu bar) to register for this exciting club TODAY! Tuesdays (1st -5th) 2:30 -3:30pm.

SNAPOLOGY - Creature Creator Robotics: In Snapology's Creature Creator Robotics class, your animal lover will create their own animal inspired robotic models. Students will learn about gear ratio, sensors, simple machines, and programming as they build insects, dolphins, gorillas, and much more. Your child is sure to have a wild time as they build, learn, and play. Tuesdays (K-5) 2:30-3:30.

ANN’S STUDIO - Through the 12-week program participants will create fun and unique arts & crafts projects across a wide variety of techniques.  Projects will include things like dream catchers, string art, stained glass, jewelry, chess boards, kids' room decor and more!  Our projects are designed to provide a solid instructional framework, while encouraging students to express their own unique style.  All materials will be provided. Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 (K-2nd), Thursdays 2:30-3:30 (3rd-5th), Fridays (K-5th) 2:30-3:30

LET’S DANCE – Leap into Let’s Dance this year for a dance class right at your child’s school! Let’s Dance provides students in K through 3rd Grade the opportunity to learn new skills that will last them a lifetime, build self-confidence, and have fun with friends. Our encouraging teachers will guide dancers through an exciting class of ballet, jazz technique, and creative movement with an applause-filled recital at the end of each semester! See you on the dance floor!  Register on-line at (K-3rd) 2:30-3:30.

INFINITY AND BEYOND – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system.  Discover all things galactic such as comets, planets, shooting stars, rockets and more. Learn about flight, the adventures of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!  Registration Link  Registration closes 8/23/19.  Wednesdays (K & 1) 2:30-3:30. Dates: 9/4/19 – 12/11/19- 12 weeks No class on 9/25, 10/16 & 11/27.

COMIC CREATIONSDo you have a knack for drawing? Do you like to write? We have the class for you! Come join us as we explore the world of comics. We will learn about the different styles of cartooning, create new characters, and build a portfolio of your work.

Registration Link:  Registration closes 8/23/19.  Wednesdays (2nd-5th) 3:50-4:50Dates: 9/4/19 – 12/11/19- 12 weeks No class on 9/25, 10/16 & 11/27

KID CHESS - Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, and boost memory and retention.  Kid Chess welcomes all levels, beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.  We provide multiple kid-friendly instructors facilitating learning.  Chess makes you smart and we make it fun.  Wednesdays (1st –5th) 2:30–3:30 and (K – 5th) 3:35-4:35

IMAGINE THAT! SCIENCE:  ICKY SQUISHY SCIENCE - We will start with our observation test, decaying a tooth, elephant toothpaste and our much-needed Grossness rating system.  We will investigate recycling and decomposition. What icky thing helps with decomposition you may ask?  Spiders.  This will be a fun and educational exploration of why we should consider spiders our friends. Then it is on to oil spills and how we can help!  We will learn about how oil and water don’t mix and how we can change that with our beautiful rainbow burst.  We will learn about our bodies and how our lungs and blood work.  We will make lung models and blood flow models.  We will learn about the three types of blood cells and what they are good for!  We will also make a GAC cell model.  We will learn to look through microscopes to see the normally invisible.  We will learn about spit power, make edible barf, burping balloons and find out why our socks smell!

Thursdays (K-2nd) 2:30 -3:30.

WEST COBB MARTIAL ART – Formerly known as Choi Kwang Do.  Develop confidence, self-control and discipline while improving both physical coordination and the ability to follow instructions in this well-rounded martial arts program.  Quick paced, fun-filled classes teach respect, courtesy and self-defense. Register online at Thursdays (K-5th) 2:30-3:30.

PLAYBALL-Learn, Practice, Play, it’s the Playball Way! Playball Kids sports and coaching programs are about preparing your child for life, with our comprehensive movement and sport skills-based program for K-4. Playball uses sports as the means to build competence in all aspects of participants’ lives including the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical.  All of the programs are taught in the fun-filled, energetic and positive environment.  Each class has a well-developed lesson plan and the kids practice the basic skills for soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, field hockey and volleyball. Matches are played and drills are used to prepare students to a lifetime of competent and confident sports participation.  Thursdays (K-4th) 2:30-3:30


CHEER YOUR HEART OUT GA – Gets kids physically active with cheerleading.   Kids can learn how to cheer, chant, and jump in a way that encourages fine motor skills and a positive attitude.  During the semester, the class will learn a full routine that will be performed at two major events. Cheer Club is open to all grades, we can’t wait to have you join us! Thursdays 2:30-3:30.

ROBOTICS CLUB - In this class, students will learn the basics of game and level design using Command Blocks in Minecraft! Students will learn about Redstone, gain an understanding of Command Block, then work together to create their own adventure map and game in Minecraft. This is a great introduction to game design without having to learn a programming language. Students will type their own scripts into the command blocks through the Minecraft game engine.  Thursdays (2nd-5th) 2:30-4:00.

BUILDER BUNCH LEGO STOP-MOTION MOVIE MAKERS –Do you like the movies? How would you like to make one?  Join our stop-motion movie LEGO Toy Story themed club and make a movie with your friends. Register at: Cost is $210 per student for a 14- week session. Sign up TODAY to guarantee your spot!  Fridays (K-5th) 2:30–3:30.

SEW YOUR ART OUT - Come join us this fall for all new projects in our Sew Your Art Out Class!  Come see what we will create as we tap into your child’s creativity, individuality and talents.  This class is an exciting combination of Sewing and Art!  Projects include making a travel kit, a shoulder bag, and coin purse.  Learn all the stitches and skills needed for sewing and adding embellishments and buttons.  Lots more!  We will also focus on drawing and painting skills as they learn perspective, shading, color mixing and more. Fridays (2nd-5th) 2:30-3:30.

SCHOOL OF ROCK  School of Rock, the largest music education provider in the country with +35,000 students, is coming to your school! Our signature program  Rock the Schools is designed to teach young rockers (5-8 yrs old) the fundamentals of music and stage craft in a fun, interactive group-class, where they can experience guitars, drums, bass, keys, vocals, cowbell (because we can always have more cowbell...) and more- all in the same lessons! Join the band, and see your kid perform every end of season in a cool rock'n'roll venue.  Fridays (K-2nd) 2:30-3:30.

BROADWAY SHOW – MISS LALA’s BULLARD BROADWAY SHOW CHOIR.  These classes bring vocal training, acting, and movement together to provide a fantastic show of Bullard talent!  NOT just songs from Broadway, but a musical show with solos, small groups, and full chorus songs from popular recording artists. Some non-musical scenes included.  NO REQUIREMENTS EXCEPT A LOVE FOR MUSIC!  It’s not just about the show, it's about what they learn through the process of creating the show!  The BENEFITS are endless. . .and have positive effects that help children in other classes & areas of life. . .such as teamwork, confidence, discovering new talents, using creative thinking, making friends, adding the knowledge of music and the stage, plus more.  Fridays (K-5th) 2:30-3:30.

TYPING AND PC SKILLS – During Typing and PC Skills, your child will:  Use proper keyboard and mouse form, learn basic commands and shortcuts, increase typing speed, write more complex words and sentences, and have tons of fun!  Typing & PC Skills is all about getting kids to master one of the most important tech tools we have: our fingers. Our students learn the proper way to handle a keyboard and mouse so that they can inherit the keys to modern communication.  Fridays (K-5th) 2:30-3:30.